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Educational Assistance Program Policy

The purpose of the educational assistance program is for workforce planning and development. It provides a tool for managers and employees to support academic activities that directly relate to the ... university-policy ... performance expectations of the employee as specified on the performance management improvement plan. Job-related degrees and corresponding non-work related courses within a degree program may

University Committees Policy

This policy standardizes how University Committees as defined herein are formed, operate, report findings, and dissolve. ... university-policy ... for more information about the chancellor’s roles and responsibilities. See UNC Policy Manual Section 1300.4[G], Guidelines on Defining “Public Body” Within the Meaning of the Open Meetings Act

School of Nursing: Social Media Policy

The general use of social media by SON faculty, staff and students is not affected by the following policy, rather its use related to confidential information about the School (including the faculty ... unit-policy ... Exceptions None Footnotes Other than any issues related to HIPAA, FERPA and other sensitive information as noted at all of which remain prohibited disclosures, even in

Patent & Invention Policy

Where possible, the University should enable inventions and discoveries resulting from its research to reach the public in a manner that will maximize their impact on society and, at the same time ... university-policy ... of inventor's external professional activities in compliance with the University's Policy on External Professional Activities of Faculty and Other Professional Staff (or any substitute or

Tuition Waiver Policy

of North Carolina system. Participation is voluntary and courses may be taken for career development or for personal interest. Benefits Services in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) administers the Tuition Waiver Program. ... university-policy ... graduate-level courses, online courses, self-paced courses, and independent studies courses. This includes enrollment in credit-earning courses through the Friday Center for Continuing Education. Tuition may

Employee Fitness for Duty Policy

without posing a Direct Threat to themselves or others. This Policy and associated Procedures describe the circumstances in which the University may evaluate an Employee’s Fitness for Duty, provide the procedures for those evaluations, and safeguard Employee privacy related to those evaluations. ... university-policy ... University prohibits the use of illegal drugs or alcohol in the workplace and may address such use through disciplinary action rather than under this Policy. Employees who engage in such use and who have a

Emergency Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the University is prepared for and can effectively respond to and recover from a Disaster or Emergency through the appropriate use of University and ... university-policy ... effects on the University’s constituents, operations, and mission. This policy defines the organizational framework of the Emergency Management Program and Emergency Coordination and establishes roles

Dangerous Gas Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish minimum standards for lab researchers that utilize dangerous gases. These standards will reduce the likelihood of a dangerous gas release and ensure the safety of laboratory researchers, building occupants and emergency responders. ... university-policy ... . Ensure that laboratory personnel are compliant in following the UNC Dangerous Gas Policy. Ensure that gas monitors are calibrated and replace sensors based on manufacturer specifications. Records

1105 - Payroll Distribution Policy

This policy establishes the various types and frequencies of payroll distribution for all University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employees. ... finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... in such instances to request permission for early collection of the check. Related Requirements External Regulations and Consequences North Carolina Office of the State Controller, Policy

Capital Gift Funding Policy

This document is intended to ensure that capital projects are fully funded at the outset of construction and partially shield against the inflationary costs of construction. ... university-policy ... Policies, Standards, and Procedures For more detail on policies and procedures related to capital projects and funding plans, please see Facilities Planning & Construction Policies. Contact Information

Policy on Gender-Inclusive Language

terms (chair; first-year student; upper-level student, etc.) should be used on University documents, websites and policies. ... university-policy ... Title The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Gender-Inclusive Language Introduction Purpose To provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our

Policy on Automobile Accidents and Damage

The prompt reporting of automobile accidents helps minimize our financial loss or the legal and financial obligation we may have to the other party. ... university-policy ... Title University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Automobile Accidents and Damage Reason for Policy The prompt reporting of automobile accidents helps minimize our financial loss

Individual Email Address Policy

individuals of their obligations to use only their University email account and not personal email accounts for University business and to manage the records resulting from that use in accordance with applicable policy, standards, and procedures. ... university-policy ... . This policy describes University obligations related to email, especially the requirement to use only University email accounts, not personal ones for University business.    Scope This policy

Student Fee Waiver Policy

This policy implements UNC System Policy 1000.2.2, Policy on the Waiver of Tuition and Fees for Faculty and Staff, specifically the portion of the related regulation 1000.2.2.1[R] requiring each institution to establish policies and procedures consistent with the aforementioned policy. ... university-policy ... Title University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Student Fee Waiver Policy Introduction Purpose This policy implements UNC System Policy 1000.2.2, Policy on the Waiver of Tuition and

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy

This policy establishes a mechanism for the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems ("UAS") on campus or as used for University purposes. ... university-policy ... contractor, or other person on behalf of the University. On University property, including use by third-parties not affiliated with the University and news media representatives. Policy Policy