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Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 0401: Institutional Review Board

consent forms must be re‐approved by the IRB before initiating any changes or modifications that result from such additional reviews/approvals. 2.2 Roles and Responsibilities 2.2.1 Chair of the IRB

UNC Police: General Order 01-01R17 - Use of Force

safe and feasible to do so based on the totality of circumstances. Units Affected UNC-CH Police Department Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel References/Forms Graham v. Connor (490 U.S. 386

UNC Police: General Order 00-01R13 - Rules and Regulations

involved in a traffic accident (the vehicle was moving at the time of the accident, or it was struck by another moving vehicle) a DMV-349 form must be completed by the investigating officer. (Note: A DMV

Policies and Procedures Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (“FERPA”)

notify the student within a reasonable period of time that the records will not be amended and will inform the student of the right to a formal hearing, as specified below. In lieu of requesting a

Industrial Maintenance and Construction/Support Services Safety Manual - Scaffolding Requirements

the inside and the outside posts at even heights. Runners shall be interlocked to form continuous lengths and coupled to each post. The bottom runners must be located as close to the base as possible

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Use of Human Embryonic Stem Cells in Research

member of both groups and helped the University committee place its ideas in the larger context of an emerging national scientific consensus. Definitions A Human Zygote is a diploid cell formed

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 06: Principles of Laboratory Biosecurity

exist at a facility, where they are located, and who is responsible for them. To achieve this, management should define the following: the materials (or forms of materials) subject to

School of Nursing: Standard On Clinical Teaching And Supervision

committed to providing the highest quality instruction, which includes formal classroom experiences, clinical supervision and mentorship. The students' overall evaluation of their educational experience

School of Nursing: Standard On Small Grant Opportunities

clearly specify and justify their budget requests. Application Packet & Process Application Form The application packet should consist of the elements listed below. The text of the

Radiation Safety Manual - Chapter 03: Radiation Protection Principles

and typical amounts, and chemical form should be known. In some cases, before the procedure is actually performed with radioactive material, a "dry run" practice of the procedure may be useful to

Procedures for Addressing Misconduct Involving a Carolina Community Academy Student as a Reporting or Responding Party

of a Formal Complaint Following receipt of a Formal Complaint, the University will initiate a prompt, thorough, and impartial resolution process. Both forms of resolution – informal and formal

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 02: Biological Risk Assessment

aseptic techniques and safety precautions become second nature.35-37 VII. Step 6 - Verify Risk Management Strategies and Update As Necessary A cyclical, adaptable risk management process forms the

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 08: Agent Summary Statements (Section VII: Toxin Agents)

and it is essentially not transmissible among individuals, exposure to pre-formed BoNT is the primary concern for laboratory workers. Two of the most significant hazards in working with BoNT or growing Neurotoxin

Laboratory Safety Manual - Chapter 05: Protective Clothing and Equipment

of contact lenses in laboratories, only if the wearer has other forms of eye protection mentioned above. Earlier guidance recommended against wearing of contact lenses in laboratories, due to concerns

On-Campus Recruiting Policies and Job Offer Policies for Students

activities, and panel discussions; or can be in more formal settings such as etiquette dinners and career nights. Employer Information Sessions These sessions involve employers presenting to