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1251 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Small Order Policy

requisitions should include a vendor quote, but do not require a Waiver of Competition form. Procurement Services monitors small order payments to ensure compliance with all policies, laws and regulations

Policy on Research Billing

Informed Consent Form, and such documents must not contain any language that indicates scenarios (including subject injury) in which Medicare, Tricare, or other federally funded health insurance

ITS Unit Standard on Policies, Standards, and Procedures

  ITS staff will comply with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy Framework for Policy Document creation and management.   Format Unless an exception applies, or as directed by

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 1402: IRB Review of Promptly Reportable Information

responsible for the conduct of the research and the IRB’s contact information is required in all UNC consent documents (e.g., information sheets, scripts, consent forms) regardless of signature requirements

Research Code of Conduct Standard

truthfully; avoid any and all forms of harassment, illegal discrimination, obvious or veiled threats, or acts of violence; provide equal access to programs, facilities, and employment; and promote a

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 2801: Data or Biological Sample Repositories

Hospitals will require written consent of the mother. Investigators seeking to acquire such specimens for research use should prepare an IRB application including a consent form. They must also notify the

School of Nursing: Procedure for Faculty Search Committees

faculty/staff/students (as appropriate) about the presentation date/time, where to review CV/evaluation form. Presentation is usually one hour with a 45-minute presentation and last 10-15 minutes

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 2401: Research Subject to US Department of Energy Regulations

reviewing IRB’s typical range/scope. Immediately upon a finding of a suspected or confirmed data breach involving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in printed or electronic form. Additionally, the

Adams School of Dentistry: Standard Regarding Use of Ionizing Radiation

Informed Refusal Form”. F. Institutional obligations to the student Students must be taught to critically assess the need for diagnostic radiographic information and to evaluate the risks and

Copyright Policy of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

be required to report the work to the Office of Technology Commercialization, using such forms and procedures as that Office develops. Where a proposed sponsored research agreement or research grant

Data Network Standard

This standard provides structure for effective operation of data networks for the University in accordance with the UNC-Chapel Hill Data Network Policy. This document represents minimum requirements related to all forms of data networking at the University. ... University purpose?), and a completed memo of understanding (MOU) for the domain requested. This information must go to ITS-IP Services via Help Request. The MOU form can be initiated online. The MOU

On-Call & Emergency Callback Pay

has established market rate ranges for on-call pay based on position type. On-call compensation must be in the form of pay or paid time off, as described below. The University's on-call rate is $3.00

Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 05.09: Occupational Safety Policies - OSHA Laboratory Standard

employee completion of the Laboratory/Radiation Worker Registration form) Employee Information and Training: documentation of employee training programs, including the content of training sessions

Adams School of Dentistry: DDS Student Attendance Policy

Request Form provides space for you the describe/explain the circumstances behind your absence request. Documentation, to include doctor’s note, jury duty notice, exam date confirmations, interview

Procedures for Reporting and Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct Involving a University Employee as the Responding Party

important to note that an individual may report Prohibited Conduct to the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office at any time and may seek an investigation or other forms of resolution, regardless of whether