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On-Call & Emergency Callback Pay

has established market rate ranges for on-call pay based on position type. On-call compensation must be in the form of pay or paid time off, as described below. The University's on-call rate is $3.00

Additional Employment for SHRA Employees Policy

Employees Supplemental Pay for EHRA Employees  Policy on Qualifications of Course Instructors Additional Employment Request Form  Contact Information Primary Contact Subject: Additional

Adams School of Dentistry: Technical Standards

forming conclusions. Demonstrating critical thinking, the ASOD provider is expected to synthesize knowledge from a diverse array of sources and learning modalities, including classroom and

Adams School of Dentistry: Standard Regarding Use of Ionizing Radiation

Informed Refusal Form”. F. Institutional obligations to the student Students must be taught to critically assess the need for diagnostic radiographic information and to evaluate the risks and

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 2401: Research Subject to US Department of Energy Regulations

reviewing IRB’s typical range/scope. Immediately upon a finding of a suspected or confirmed data breach involving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in printed or electronic form. Additionally, the

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 17: Guidelines for Work With Toxins of Biological Origin

Class II BSC. "Static-free" disposable gloves should be worn when working with dry forms of toxins that are subject to spread by electrostatic dispersal. In specialized laboratories, the intentional

Procedures for Reporting and Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct Involving a University Employee as the Responding Party

important to note that an individual may report Prohibited Conduct to the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office at any time and may seek an investigation or other forms of resolution, regardless of whether

Procedures for Reporting and Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct Involving a Student as the Responding Party

against a Responding Party, and is not appropriate for all forms of conduct under the Policy. The University retains the discretion to determine when Voluntary Resolution is appropriate. If a party

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 12: Agricultural Pathogen Biosafety

through an exterior wall of the containment area, with the autoclave unit forming an airtight seal with the barrier wall and the bulk of the autoclave situated outside the containment space so

Standard on Satellite Animal Facilities

for ensuring that all personnel exposed to animals are enrolled in the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic Program through completion of the Animal Handler Form. This form should be updated

204 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Types of Funds

University to establish institutional trust funds. The trust funds are described in State legislation as follows: Moneys, or the proceeds of other forms of property, received by an

Accessibility of Digital Content and Materials Standard

will pay for the work. University units must provide a link or other form of contact information connected to all digital material. The contact is for people to report trouble accessing the material

Standard on Animal Procedural Space Exception (APSE)

being held in the APSE facility are enrolled with the UEOHC. The Research Profile and Animal Handler Form can be found on the Research website. Additionally, appropriate personal protective equipment

Vacation Leave for SHRA Employees

employment application documents and the “Creditable Service for the State of North Carolina” form. Full-time employees (40 hours per week) earn vacation leave according to the chart below. Part-time

Compensation Program for EHRA Non-Faculty Employees (IRPS & SAAO Tier II)

approximate midpoint of the assigned salary range for each job level. The reference rate is not intended as a formal limit for salary decisions in hiring or when deciding on a proposed salary increase for