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Office of Sponsored Programs - 500.11 - Outgoing Subrecipient Agreements

Subrecipient Agreements. The working relationship between the Pass-through Entity and a collaborator is established through a formal agreement. This Subrecipient Agreement is legally binding and details

Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 04.08: Fire Safety - Storage and Use of Flammable and Combustible Liquids

: The minimum temperature at which a liquid gives off vapor in sufficient concentration to form an ignitable mixture in air. Flammable Liquids: A flammable liquid is any liquid having a flash point

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 3801: Research Involving Coded Private Information or Biological Specimens

. Investigators seeking to acquire such specimens for research use should prepare an IRB application including a consent form. They must also notify the Department of OB/GYN, since protocols involving

Standard Operating Procedure for Chloroform (Methylidyne Trichloride, Trichloromethane)

developmental hazard. Pregnant women or those who may become pregnant should not be exposed to or handle this chemical in any form. Acute exposure Inhalation of vapors can cause headaches, drowsiness

Records Management Policy

material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, made or received pursuant to law or ordinance in connection with the transaction of public business by any agency of North Carolina government or its

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 6001: Definitions

use, while taking into account the probable risks and benefits of currently available devices or alternative forms of treatment. Humanitarian Device Exemption (HDE) Holder:  A person who or entity

Policy on Background Checks for Faculty and Non-Faculty Employees, Student Employees, and Affiliates

completed background check forms to appropriate destination; pays background check fees. Appointing Department Head: seeks appointment/report-for-duty exception from the Senior Associate Vice

Moisture Intrusion Events Policy

contain chemicals, bio-contaminants (fungal, bacterial, viral, algae) and other forms of contamination. Dishwashers Washing Machines Toilet Water with urine (no feces) Sump

Office of Sponsored Programs - 300.03, Procedure 1 - Using RAMSeS for Proposal Submission

The Proposal Dashboard within RAMSeS creates the University’s official record for each sponsored research project. The RAMSeS Internal Processing Form (IPF) is required for each research proposal of ... project. The RAMSeS Internal Processing Form (IPF) is required for each research proposal of a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement and it is used to collect financial and compliance information

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 16: Working With Human, NHP, and Other Mammalian Cells and Tissues

Employees Located in Other Counties Appendix A: Job Classifications Appendix B: Hepatitis B Declination Form Safety Practices for Work with Non-Human Primate Tissues and Body Fluids

Carolina Union: Meeting Room Reservations & Usage Policy

  Clients must disclose activity taking place in the reserved space in their event form. Changes to activity can be made by emailing . Non-approved activities in reserved rooms will

Office of Sponsored Programs - 300.07, Procedure 2 - Working with Salary Caps

an authorized department administrator on the RAMSeS Internal Processing Form (IPF) indicates the department’s commitment to provide such funds as part of its cost-sharing effort. Estimating a

UNC Police: General Order 04-24R2 - ABC Law Enforcement

the ABC laws. Units Affected UNC-CH Police Department Sworn Personnel. References/Forms Carolina Community Living Standards - Carolina Housing General Order 05-03 Detention and

Adams School of Dentistry: Policy on DDS and DH Student Programs Compliance

requirements for the ASOD, UNC-Chapel Hill, and clinical agencies by containing documentation and dates within each student’s Compliance Profile. Instructional documents, tutorials, forms, and reminders of

School of Nursing: Faculty Health and Safety Compliance and Occupational Health Requirements

Undergraduate program will be required to have a North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON) Curriculum Vitae (CV) on file at the Board. See the "Education Forms" section of the North Carolina Board of Nursing's