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Procedure for Policy Management

. The Executive Summary form is available from the Office of Ethics and Policy's "Training and Resources" webpage. The Office of Ethics and Policy: Reviews the Executive Summary and

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 0701: IRB Review Process

interpretation and application of North Carolina law and the laws of any other jurisdiction where research is conducted as they apply to human subjects research. The IRB will ensure that consent forms are

Adams School of Dentistry: Infection Control Manual - Chapter 11: Instrument Preparation, Sterilization, & Storage

all forms of life and assists in breaking the Chain of Infection. Review this video to learn more about concepts related to the Chain of Infection. Within ASOD, sterilization is completed through the

Adams School of Dentistry: Vendor Relations Policy

services for Medicare or Medicaid patients). Remuneration can take many forms besides cash, such as free rent, expensive hotel stays and meals, and excessive compensation for medical directorships or

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 10: Decontamination and Disinfection

lethal process than sterilization; it eliminates nearly all recognized pathogenic microorganisms, but not necessarily all microbial forms (e.g., bacterial spores) present on inanimate objects

Policy on Insurance for University Vehicles

Vehicles Procedure on Reporting Accidents Auto Loss Notice Form Additional Information Frequently Asked Questions Q: Who can operate University-owned vehicles? A: University-owned

Adams School of Dentistry: Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification Policy

for ADA Reasonable Accommodations for Employees, Applicants and Visitors and secure the appropriate form, from UNC Office of Human Resources, Equal Opportunity, and Compliance. Related Requirements

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 4601: Trainee or Student Research and Course Projects Involving Human Subjects

2.1 - Student or Course Projects that Qualify as Human Subjects Research When class projects and student or trainee research projects in the form of directed or independent research, including

Standard on Anesthetized Non-Surgical Procedures for Rats and Mice

Anesthesia Formulary - Mice Analgesia and Anesthesia Formulary - Rats Observe the Acclimation period for received animal transfer/shipments. Pharmaceutical Grade agents must be used

Adams School of Dentistry: Controlled Substances Policy for Students and Residents

Positive Test for the drug in its pure form or its metabolites at or above the specified cutoff levels by the laboratory performing the test is considered a Positive Test. Impairment : State of

Secondary Employment for SHRA Employees Policy

Professional Staff Secondary Employment Request Form for SHRA Employees Contact Information Primary Contact Subject: Secondary Employment Policy Contact: Assistant Director, Employment Phone

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Scholarships, Awards, and Student Aid Committee Athletics Grant-In-Aid Review Procedures

on matters regarding scholarships and other forms of student aid. Consistent with NCAA Bylaws that require the University to offer a hearing to a student-athlete when institutional financial aid based

Standard Operating Procedures for Reviewing Academic Program Assessment Plans and Assessment Reports

submitted Last Friday in January Submission of Documents The forms for Student Learning Outcomes Reports and Plans are in Microsoft Word and are available through UNC-Chapel

Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 05.19: Occupational Safety Policies - Laboratory Ventilation Policy

ventilation system repair and contact EHS for a Safety Clearance Form as indicated in the worker’s Hazards Management Plan. All system outages (planned or unplanned) require that laboratory notification

1501.3 - Procedure for Air Travel

circumstances of the trip. Non-commercial aircraft includes the following forms of travel: Travel by a Senior University Administrator or other University employee on a Medical Air Operations plane is