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SHRA Sign-On and Retention Bonuses Policy

another agency before the completion of the 12 months of service; or the employee’s employment terminates before 12 months of service. Related Forms and Documents Materials related to this

Adams School of Dentistry: Infection Control Manual - Chapter 01: Introduction

eliminate ALL microbial forms, including viruses and bacterial spores. Wipe / Discard / Wipe: terminology for method of cleaning and disinfection of designated areas where the first wipe removes debris

Facilities Use Policy

Policy. The Major Events Policy and related forms for student group events may be obtained at the Carolina Union. To the extent that appropriate space is available and subject to reasonable procedures

Policy on Person Identification (PID) Creation, Modification and Authentication

Guest ID: An ID generated for a person who needs limited access to non-sensitive systems Home Address: A place of permanent residence, where bills, grades, 1098-Ts, and W-2 tax forms will be sent

Standard on Animal Monitoring and Record Keeping

exceptions to this Standard must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC. Standard Written records are a standard form of documentation, which verify experimental procedures and protocol compliance. As

Managing Clinical Research Administrative Data Standard

consent form (ICF). RAMSeS or/and ALICE is/are the canonical source(s) for fully executed Clinical Trial Agreements (CTA) and amendments. PeopleSoft is the canonical source for payments and

Policy on Gifts Affecting the Curriculum

donation. The following factors shall be considered in determining whether a gift affecting the curriculum should be accepted and in determining the final form of accepted gifts: Whether any

Campus Multi-Functional Device (MFD) Copier Policy

what your assessment says I need? A: There will be an exception form available for these cases which will need to be approved by your Dean/Vice Chancellor. Q: How will I get toner or maintenance

Research Code of Conduct Policy

different rights or duties of a substantive or procedural nature. Policy Policy Statement The Research Code of Conduct is formed around the basic assumption that University academic and research

School of Nursing: Standard On Faculty Transitions Between Fixed Term Clinical Tracks And Tenure-Track Appointments

committee may be formed by the Dean to accommodate the interview of a former clinical track faculty member who left the faculty to complete a PhD at the SON, or a current clinical track faculty

Standard Operating Procedure for Formaldehyde Solution Use in Small Animal Perfusion

Formaldehyde is a colorless, highly toxic, and flammable gas at room temperature. It is a strong smelling chemical which is commonly used in research and medical laboratories as an aqueous solution ... Title Standard Operating Procedure for Formaldehyde Solution Use in Small Animal Perfusion EHS SOP #: 004 Version No.: 2.0 Supercedes: N/A Purpose Formaldehyde is a colorless

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 00: Foreword

occupational illnesses are to be reported on the Worker's Compensation Form 19 and sent to EHS. Employees who are required to have vaccinations or to have serum samples stored for the agents used in the

Standard on Tumor Production and Cancer Research In Mice and Rats

determined to be pathogen free. Inoculation with human cell lines or tumors must be included in the IACUC protocol, the laboratory safety plan and in a Schedule F form. Note that most companies

Laboratory Safety Manual - Chapter 06: Safe Handling of Chemicals

bottles are plastic. Make sure to store all forms of HF, including dilutions and waste, in compatible containers that are not glass. Store HF and HF waste in a cool, dry place away from incompatible

Industrial Maintenance and Construction/Support Services Safety Manual - Confined Space Entry Program

identified space, a “Confined Space Hazard Evaluation Form” must be completed and sent to EHS. Departments shall inform employees of the existence and location of permits by posting danger signs