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The purpose of this Policy is to establish the expectations for students when designing and selling merchandise in order to raise funds for extracurricular activities. This Policy applies to all Adams School of Dentistry students and residents.
The UNC-Chapel Hill Incident Management Policy requires "every faculty member, staff member, student, temporary employee, contractor, outside vendor, and visitor to campus (AKA User) who has access to University-owned or managed information through computing systems, devices, or physical files" to "report Information Security Incidents" per the procedures defined. As defined in the UNC-Chapel Hill Incident Management Policy, sensitive information includes "card holder data," ...
Adherence to the procedures outlined below will streamline the handling of Information Security Incidents and minimize the timeframe during which Sensitive Information and Mission-Critical Resources exist in a vulnerable state.
Requirements related to Information Technology-related incidents including data breach (or possible data breach), misuse of equipment/applications/data, loss of University-owned equipment, or related.