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This Policy establishes the requirements for immunizations, health insurance and annual and periodic medical testing to ensure compliance with State of North Carolina and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ("UNC-Chapel Hill") School of Medicine (SOM) standards in the clinical environment.
Chapter 4 of the Adams School of Dentistry's (ASOD) Infection Control Manual details immunization and training requirements for ASOD personnel (including faculty, staff, and residents) and students, with guidance on infectious / communicable diseases.
Employment at the University is contingent upon faculty meeting and maintaining essential compliance requirements. In addition, the many clinical agencies with whom School of Nursing (SON) faculty engage as part of their teaching, research, or service mission(s) have policies that must be adhered to as per contractual agreement. These clinical site requirements are in addition to University employment-related policies.
Working in a health care environment poses a risk for acquiring certain infectious diseases greater than that for the general public. To reduce the potential risk, employers are required to establish a medical surveillance program which documents immunity for some diseases, monitoring for others such as Tuberculosis, along with safety training on methods to prevent exposure and disease.
This document describes vaccination requirements for specific University positions.
This Policy supports UNC Health and the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine strategy for providing a safer environment for health care personnel and patients through influenza and COVID-19 vaccination, while also meeting applicable regulatory requirements.
The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill continues to grow as a leader in international education and global health through programs such as UNC Global, the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease, and the Consortium of Universities for Global Health.