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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill) prepares and maintains adequate documentation of the IRB’s activities. All records are accessible for inspection and copying by authorized representatives of the FDA, OHRP, sponsors, and other authorized entities at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner.
The Adams School of Dentistry requires patient records to be signed in a timely manner. This policy provides details about chart closure minimum standards, reporting, and sanctions.
Instructions for IT staff, system administrators, and others with IT management responsibilities on how to properly manage contents of individual persons' accounts, as well as logs and other data on individual use of IT systems. The Standard aids compliance with University IT policies including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Access to Individual User Accounts (“Account Policy”).
The purpose of this Policy is to clarify who is allowed to access or release information stored in Individual User Accounts, why the University needs access to Individual User Accounts, and what safeguards are in place to prevent abuse.