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With respect to cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, IRBs and researchers should be aware that under North Carolina state law these substances may not be distributed to or used by minors.
Procedures for identifying and addressing issues associated with Controlled Substances or other Impairments for Students and Residents of Adams School of Dentistry.
This chapter gives definitions and protocols for chemicals that are classified as controlled substances by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Controlled substances have special rules for acquisition, storage, security, inventory/recordkeeping, disposal, and importing or exporting, detailed in this chapter. The appendices include a current list of controlled substances and forms for inventory support and personnel screening.
The misuse and abuse of opioid pain relievers has reached epidemic proportions. As prescribers of opioid pain medications, dentists are well positioned to help keep these drugs from becoming a source of harm. The UNC Adams School of Dentistry believes that a fundamental component of good dental practice includes the appropriate evaluation and management of pain.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has established and maintains a program of education designed to help all members of the University Community avoid involvement with illegal drugs. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides information about drug counseling and rehabilitation services available to members of the University Community through campus-based programs and through community-based organizations.
The Federal Highway Administration has implemented regulations under the Omnibus Transportation Act of 1991 that require employers to establish an alcohol and controlled substances testing program for their employees who are required to hold commercial driver's licenses (CDLs) as a condition of employment. The goals of this testing are to prevent needless accidents, to reduce the risk of injury to employees and others, and to make employees aware of resources available to assist them.