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Eligible employees earn time-and-one half for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a work week. An employee must actually work over 40 hours to earn overtime compensation. Paid time that is not considered time worked (eg, most leave or paid time off packages) does not count as time worked for the purpose of determining employee eligibility for overtime compensation.
Compensatory time is not to be accumulated, tracked, used, or paid out for FLSA exempt employees, except if specifically mandated by a State and/or UNC System policy, such as during a pandemic or communicable disease emergency.
Unlike hourly-paid (FLSA non-exempt) employees, EHRA Non-Faculty employees are all FLSA exempt and are accountable and compensated for their performance outcomes, rather than for time worked on an hour for hour basis. As such, EHRA Non-Faculty employees do not earn compensatory time when they work more than forty hours in a work week.