Carolina Union: Pit, Solicitation Table, and Off-Site Reservations Policy


This document includes policy guidance on reserving space in the Pit, including Solicitation Tables and Carolina Union West Lounge Tables. This document also describes how students may appropriately use sidewalk chalk.



Carolina Union: Pit, Solicitation Table, and Off-Site Reservations Policy



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Policy Statement

Only student organizations and University departments may reserve the Pit. There are three sections of the Pit. Each can be reserved 10am - 2pm and 3pm up to 10pm on weekdays. For weekend reservations please contact the Office of Event Services for available times. 

  • No sharing of Pit reservations is allowed.
  • Reservations are limited to 10 Pit days per semester; a partial day counts as one day. If the Pit is still available 7 days prior to a date, a sponsor may reserve the Pit for an additional day.
  • Amplified sound is subject to the Amplified Sound Policy.
  • No chalking or tape is allowed in the Pit or the surrounding Union areas. This violates the UNC-CH Facilities Use Policy and the group may be subject to the costs of cleaning and/or the loss of official University recognition.
  • Only student organizations may conduct sales in the Pit. A Carolina Union sales permit must be visibly displayed at all times. Sales Permits may be obtained in the Office of Event Services.
  • Between 10am-2pm and 3pm - 10pm, the Pit is split into 3 sections; a single group may reserve up to 2 Pit sections, but they must be adjacent sections.
  • In the event of rain or other inclement weather, Pit reservations will be cancelled.
  • Please review below regarding chalk use.

Pit Table Diagram - Image shows the Pit divided into three sections.















Solicitation Table Reservations

Only student organizations and University departments may reserve solicitation tables. Tables are located between the Union and Pit (see Pit Table Diagram) and may only be reserved 10am - 2pm and 3pm - 10pm on weekdays. Solicitation tables are 3ft x 3ft, set with 2 chairs each, and may be used for promotional and sales purposes.

  • Only one solicitation table per day per organization may be reserved.
  • Tables are held no more than 15 minutes past reserved time.
  • Patio furniture may not be used or brought to the solicitation tables.
  • If money is exchanged, a Sales Permit must be obtained from the Office of Event Services and displayed at all times.
  • Homemade food is not permitted (see the Carolina Union's Food Safety and Handling Policy).
  • Extension cords are not permitted to run to solicitation tables.
  • Tables will not be set up outside in inclement weather.
  • In the event of inclement weather, 16 solicitation tables will be staged in the South Road hallway adjacent to Wendy’s. Due to the limited space, tables will be available for organizations on a first-come, first-served basis. No audio may be played from these tables. The standard check-in process is still applicable.
Off-site Tables and Chairs
  • Off-site tables and chairs may be requested at a charge.
  • Tables and chairs must be reserved at least 48 hours (2 business days) in advance. Tables and chairs may only be reserved during normal Carolina Union business hours.
  • Tables and chairs will be staged and available at the Guest Services Desk of the Carolina Union on the day of the reservation; groups must present a valid One Card at the Guest Services Desk in order to check out tables and chairs. 
  • Tables and chairs must be claimed no later than 15 minutes after the reservation start time. If the tables and chairs are not claimed a “No Show” will be issued to the student group.
  • The Union will not provide transportation for tables and chairs. A cart may be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Tables and chairs must be returned to the Union Guest Services Desk at the conclusion of the reservation.
  • In the event that all tables and chairs are not returned or have been damaged, there will be a $150 replacement fee for each table, $100 for each chair, and $300 for a missing cart. 
  • The Union will debit the Student Activities Fund Office (SAFO) account of the organization listed above; if funds are unavailable, the organization(s) listed above will no longer have access to Union facilities, services, or equipment. 
  • Tables and chairs must be returned cleaned and free of food, debris, etc.
  • Cleaning fees may apply if tables or chairs are excessively dirty.

Carolina Union West Lounge Tables

  • Only student organizations and University departments may reserve West Lounge tables. The two available tables may be reserved 10am - 10pm on weekdays. Tables may be used for promotional purposes. No Sales may take place.
  • Only one West Lounge table per day per organization may be reserved.
  • Tables are held no more than 15 minutes past reserved time.
  • Each table will be set with 2 chairs.
  • Lounge furniture may not be used or brought to the West Lounge Tables.

Chalk Guidelines

The use of sidewalk chalk by students is considered an acceptable way to promote campus events and can take place in open areas; that are not covered by an overhang; or that can reasonably be expected to be reached by rain. Chalking is not permitted on building surfaces, furniture, public works of art (such as the Gift located in the Plaza between the student union buildings), and within 10 feet of building entrances, or pose a safety threat/risk. The use of chalk may not violate the Department of Environmental Health and Safety standards regarding chalk found on the Environment, Health, and Safety website.

This policy follows the UNC-CH Facilities Use Policy

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Contact Information

3103 FPG Student Union
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Chapel Hill, NC 27599-5210

Carolina Union Guest Services
 (919) 962-2285

Hearing Impaired
 T-711 (NC Relay)



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