Click here to download the Executive Summary Cover Sheet.

The Office of Ethics Education and Policy Management (OEEPM) has created the attached “Executive Summary Cover Sheet.” University Issuing Officers and/or Policy Liaisons are required to fill out this form when submitting their policy/standard/procedure for review by the Policy Review Committee (PRC). The form is intended to provide valuable context so Policy Liaisons can, in a one-to-two page summary, understand the following:

  1. why the policy/standard/procedure exists;
  2. what changes to the policy/standard/procedure are being made and why;
  3. the implications of the changes;
  4. potential stakeholders impacted by the changes; and
  5. which schools/units have already had an opportunity to review and provide input on the changes.

University Issuing Officers and/or Policy Liaisons should email the completed form to OEEPM at no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Tuesday one week prior to an upcoming PRC meeting. OEEPM will send out the Executive Summary Cover Sheets and the agenda one week before the upcoming PRC meeting so Policy Liaisons will have all the resources necessary to review draft policies/standards/procedures and prepare thoughtful feedback for the University Issuing Officer.

Please contact OEEPM at 919-445-8364 if you have any questions.


Cover Sheet Last Revised: August 09, 2018