1252.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Obtaining a Purchasing Card


In order to obtain a University Purchasing Card (P-Card), several forms must be completed. A P-Card is issued after the necessary forms are approved and the account holder has completed the online training and passed a test. Account holders must sign an agreement before the P-Card can be issued.




The applicant is required to complete the mandatory online training session covering the use of the card and all applicable restrictions and pass the associated quiz. The card can be picked up once notified by the P-Card office. The card may be picked up by the accountholder or another individual may be authorized to pick up the card on the accountholder's behalf.


To obtain a University Purchasing Card (P-Card), an applicant must take the required online P-Card training and associated quiz (pass with 100%).  After successfully passing the quiz, the applicant must complete the P-Card application, and sign the P-Card Accountholder agreement form. The application must be signed by the applicant requesting the card and the department business manager.

The application signed agreement form, and the finance Access Request Form must be provided to the departments Access Request Coordinator (ARC) who will submit the forms to the P-Card department for processing.  The P-Card department will reach out to the applicant once the card is available for pick up.

Departmental restrictions may be added to an individual card as follows:

  • Limit dollar amount per purchase (single transaction limit)
  • Limit dollar amount per billing cycle (monthly transaction limit)

Each card applicant and reconciler must complete the Systems Access Request process, which grants access to ConnectCarolina.

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Contact Information

Primary Contacts
Subject Contact Telephone E-Mail
P-Card Purchases P-Card Office
Card Activation Bank of America Card Activation 1-888-571-1000  



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