Evaluation of EHRA Non-Faculty Performance



By action of the Board of Trustees, an annual written performance evaluation for all permanent EHRA non-faculty employees has been instituted for the University.


Policy Statement


The annual performance evaluation will cover the period from the previous July 1st to June 30th of the following year. In general, EHRA non-faculty performance evaluations should be prepared and delivered in the late June time frame of each year.

  • Employees who were not in their present positions as of the previous July 1st should have their evaluation be reflective of their position start to date.
  • Employees who have had a supervisory change in their present position during the evaluation year should have the prior supervisor consulted and contribute to the year-end evaluation whenever possible. If this is not possible for whatever reason, the present supervisor should note this in the evaluation and undertake their best effort to consult a next-level supervisor within the work unit who would best be in a position to assess or comment on the performance of the employee prior to the present supervisor assuming supervision. Ultimately, the present supervisor is responsible for assuring completion and delivery of the annual performance evaluation under these circumstances.
  • Employees in their present position less than 3 months as of the end of the annual performance evaluation period should at minimum be provided a document which outlines the position's duties and performance expectations and any initial observations on performance the supervisor believes would be relevant to assist the employee in understanding expectations moving forward.
  • Although not required, supervisors may also implement a mid-year written performance review to help provide an opportunity for assessment and performance correction prior to the formal review each July 1st. This is not a requirement of this policy.


The specific format of the annual performance evaluation is at the discretion of the individual supervisor. There is no standard, prescribed format in recognition of how different the University's EHRA non-faculty positions are and the varying criteria that would be employed to evaluate these employees.

A template is available for your use. However, whatever performance evaluation format is used, it must be written and provide a general description of the position duties and expectations and a written assessment of performance against these standards during the performance period.

The annual performance evaluation is also a good opportunity to clarify professional development goals and note progress during the performance period towards achieving these goals.

Copies & Recordkeeping

A copy of the annual written performance evaluation must be provided to the employee with the original placed in the employee's departmental personnel file.

It is suggested although not required that the employee be asked acknowledge the original copy of the annual performance evaluation by signature to note receipt. This is not intended to stipulate their agreement or disagreement with the content of the evaluation itself.

It is also suggested, but not required, that the next level-supervisor be copied on the performance evaluation and acknowledge its receipt by signature.

The above procedures are intentionally left discretionary to allow individual Department Chairs/Heads to design a performance management workflow that functions most effectively within their particular work unit.

Employee Comments

The employee should be provided an opportunity to comment on the annual evaluation in writing and any such comments should be attached to the original copy of the evaluation placed in the departmental personnel file at the employee's request.

Performance Review Form Examples

  1. Performance Review Form (Example 1)
  2. Performance Review Form (Example 2)
  3. Performance Review Form (Example 3)

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