1504.1 - Procedure for Multiple-Day Trips



This procedure communicates the proper procedure for reporting multiple-day mileage rates in compliance with statutory regulations for all UNC travelers on official business.

Scope of Applicability

This procedure applies to all employees (faculty, staff, employed students, and senior University administrators) and non-employees (non-employed students, independent contractors, and University affiliates).


When using a personal vehicle, trips that began on or after January 1 of each year are reimbursed at the business standard mileage rates for that year which are located on the UNC Finance Travel Allowances web page.

  • When submitting reimbursement for data collectors or other University travelers who report multiple day trips on a single Web Travel document, travel document preparers should attach an Excel spreadsheet with the mileage details for each trip, calculating the mileage according to the State rate, and adding all trips together in a final total. In Web Travel, the preparer should select "ground" in the travel type description field and hit "save", which will auto-populate the mileage field with "1". They should then enter the total mileage reimbursement amount from the spreadsheet into "Cost Field" and submit.


Please refer to Finance Policy 1501 - Policy on Business Travel for a list of common definitions.

Related Requirements

External Regulations and Consequences

University Policies, Standards, and Procedures

  • Finance Policy 1504 - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Transportation Expenses Including Mileage Rates
  • Finance Policy 1501 - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Business Travel

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