1218.1 - Procedure for Determining Vendor Documentation


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Finance Procedure 1218.1 - Procedure for Determining Vendor Documentation


When establishing a vendor in ConnectCarolina, users must include supporting documentation depending on the type of vendor. The University requires payees to receive payments electronically, so all vendors must fill out Finance Form 1218.1.2f when being added to the system for business transactions.

Vendors can be one of several types: students, employees, independent contractors, outside parties, outside parties - individuals and attorneys. Depending on each type, supporting documentation required in ConnectCarolina differs as listed in the Vendor Documentation Guidelines (Finance Related Data 1218.1.1rd) document.

Departments hiring workers defined as Outside Party/Individual must submit the following forms when creating a vendor:

  • Finance Form 1218.1.1f - "Outside Party - Individual" Certification Form
  • Finance Form 1218.1.2f - Direct Deposit Authorization Form for Vendors (ACH Form)
  • Finance Form 1218.1.3f - Supplier Application Form (formerly Vendor Master File Record) (HUB Form)
  • IRS Form W-9

Changes to vendor direct deposit bank accounts need to be confirmed by the department requesting the update, with a known contact for the vendor. Once departments receive vendor information, they should upload the direct deposit form for vendors and a copy of a voided check or bank letter, through Campus Vendor in ConnectCarolina.


Students of the university who do not own their own bank account can opt for a payment by check. For this, or any other area of question that needs clarification, contact vendor_coordinator@unc.edu.

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