Adams School of Dentistry: DDS Legacy Grading System Standard


Adams School of Dentistry: DDS Legacy Grading System Standard

Unit Standard

A. Definitions

PS= passed, acceptable performance

F= failed, unacceptable performance

The Pass (PS) / Fail (F) grading system applies in all courses.

IN= A temporary grade of IN (incomplete) may be assigned when a student is unable to complete all the work required for a course, due largely to circumstances beyond the student's control. The IN grade is not to be used when the course work has been unsatisfactory. Failure to remove a temporary grade of IN prior to the end of the subsequent semester or summer session for a multi-semester course will result in a grade of F.

NG Pending judicial cases.

As approved by the Curriculum Committee in March 2016, exams and other evaluation items will be graded to no more than one decimal place, and then averaged to give a final grade calculated up to two decimal places (e.g., 89.45). For the final grade, any decimal below 0.50 will be rounded down to the next integer, while any decimal 0.50 or greater will be rounded up to the next integer. Numerical scores will be used to assign the final PS or F course grade.

A student with a grade of IN, NG, or F in any core didactic, laboratory, or clinical course that has not been successfully completed or remediated will not be eligible for graduation at the end of the final semester in residence.

The course director must submit a remediation plan for any student who earned an F in the course to the Teaching Committee and/or Academic Performance Committee for review and approval. A remediation plan may include retaking the course.

B. Distribution of Grades to Students

The results of examinations, daily assignments or other graded work will be posted in Sakai. Results also can be given directly to students by course instructors when confidentiality and privacy are assured. Some relevant information regarding the distribution of scores should be made available so students can determine the context of their score. Results should be returned within three working days for Scantron-type exams and within ten working days for essay-type exams after the last student in the class has taken the exam.

C. Academic Standards for Holding Student Office or Serving as a Teaching Assistant

To hold an elected or appointed office (position) or position of leadership in any organization affiliated with and approved by the School or to serve as a teaching assistant (TA), the student must be registered for a full-time course of study (not reduced or modified) and must be in good academic (not on probation) and disciplinary standing, Appointment of all TAs is at the discretion of the Office of Academic Affairs.

D. Remediation of Courses

If a student fails a required course and is not dismissed from the program, the student must demonstrate passing-level mastery of the material involved. The course director and/or Teaching Committee will recommend remediation activities to the Academic Performance Committee, which can range from retaking the final exam to retaking the entire course.

If the student's remediation plan includes retaking the entire course, the student will be registered for the course the next regular semester that the course is offered. Alternatively, the student may be scheduled to take the course by special arrangements at this or another institution. This often means the student will be on a special schedule or reclassified for the remainder of the student's DDS curriculum, and it will likely result in a delay of the anticipated graduation date. When retaking a course, the student will be graded using the scale that is currently published for that course. The previously awarded grade of F will be averaged into the student's cumulative GPA.

Prerequisites and co-requisites will be considered in remediation plans. Failure of a prerequisite or co-requisite will likely preclude participating in the regular program of study unless specific permission is granted. If the student will be involved in remedial activities other than retaking the entire course (e.g., retaking an exam), the student will be registered for Remedial Dentistry, DENT 001, with the course section number and one credit hour. The registration for a Remedial Dentistry course will typically occur the semester immediately subsequent to the failed course. Grades for Remedial Dentistry will be recorded on a Pass/Fail (PS/F) basis.

E. Remediation of Clinical Courses

When a student earns a final grade of F in a clinical course, the student must demonstrate mastery of the skills involved before progressing to the next level of that course. The specific activities to remediate a failing grade in a clinical course will be recommended to the Academic Performance Committee. The Academic Performance Committee will review the student's performance and will make a determination of the student's academic status. If the Academic Performance Committee approves a remediation plan, the student will be registered for Remedial Dentistry. The registration for a Remedial Dentistry course will typically occur the semester immediately subsequent to the failed course. If the next semester grade is a PS, the F will be considered remediated and a grade of PS reflected for Remedial Dentistry. If the next semester grade is an F, the Academic Performance Committee will again review the student's performance for continuation in the DDS program.

F. Educational Enhancement

If it is deemed that a student may benefit from additional educational experiences, the Academic Performance Committee may require supplemental activities after receipt of recommendations from the course director and/or the respective Teaching Committee. Students may be required to engage in activities to improve didactic or clinical skills as recommended by the course director or Teaching Committee.

G. Appeals/Grade Changes

Refer to the ASOD Policy on Student Due Process.


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