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Responsible University Officer
Vice Chancellor and General Counsel

Responsible Office
Office of University Counsel


The purpose of this policy is to establish in writing which officials at the University are authorized to sign University contracts.  The University’s Board of Trustees has delegated to the Chancellor the authority to sign contracts for the University and has authorized the Chancellor to delegate that authority to other University employees.

This policy applies to all contracts where the University, or the University on behalf of a University unit, is a party to a contract (whether referred to as a contract, agreement, memorandum of understanding, or letter agreement, etc.).  This policy does not apply to EPA Non-Faculty and Faculty appointment letters.

It is University policy that only those individuals holding the positions listed on the attached delegation chart are authorized to sign University contracts.  In some instances, as noted on the chart, this delegated authority may be further delegated.  Those delegations are not reflected on the chart.

The University may declare any contract purportedly signed on behalf of the University to be null and void if the individual who signed the contract does not possess delegated signatory authority.  Documents signed by unauthorized individuals may result in unintended and unnecessary liability for the individual.  If an individual believes he or she needs a signature delegation, please contact the Office of University Counsel

Except as may be provided in a specific delegation, it is University policy that contracts must be reviewed by an attorney in the Office of University Counsel prior to execution.

Questions about this policy may be addressed to any attorney in the Office of University Counsel or (919) 962-1219.

Document History

  • Effective Date:   April 9, 2013
  • Last Revised Date:  April 9, 2013

Signature Delegation Chart (pdf)