Be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

The standards and procedures for authorizing, procuring, siting, and installing on campus permanent outdoor memorials and markers to honor persons and organizations shall be as follows:

Section 1.  Eligibility.

To be eligible to be memorialized by a permanent outdoor memorial or marker on campus, the subject:

a. Shall have made a substantial and sustained contribution to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, or, as an alumnus, shall have brought special distinction to this institution by reason of personal achievements; and

b. In the case of persons, shall have been dead not less than one year at the time of the decision as to whether to authorize the memorial or marker is made by the Board of Trustees.

Section 2.  Review.

The review of each subject proposed to be honored by a permanent outdoor memorial or marker on campus shall proceed as follows:

a. The name or names of each person, group of persons, or organization proposed for memorialization shall first be presented to the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Naming University Facilities and Units (hereinafter referred to as “the Naming Committee”) for its advice to the Chancellor on the name or names of each subject he finds worthy of further consideration and the plans for the memorial or marker.

b. The Naming Committee, after consulting the appropriate authorities, shall advise the Chancellor whether it deems the subject to be worthy of memorialization in the manner proposed.

c. The Chancellor shall then refer each proposed memorial or marker to the Buildings and Grounds Committee for its advice to him with respect to the siting, design, and materials of and the inscription (if any) on each proposed memorial or marker.

d. The Chancellor, after receiving the advice of the Naming Committee and the Buildings and Grounds Committee, shall recommend to the Board of Trustees such action as he deems appropriate with respect to each proposed memorial or marker.

e. The Board of Trustees shall finally authorize or reject each memorial or marker proposed by the Chancellor, including its site, design, materials, and inscription.

Section 3.  Timing.

It is highly desirable that consultation with the Naming Committee and the Chancellor with respect to a proposed memorial or marker occur as early as is feasible.

Section 4.  Financing.

The intended mode of financing the acquisition of a proposed memorial or marker and its maintenance shall be a proper subject of inquiry and consideration by the Chancellor.

Section 5.  Inscription.

Each memorial or marker shall identify the subject memorialized and the contribution made or distinction brought to the University by the subject.  Where not otherwise presented, this information shall be recorded on or associated with the memorial or marker in an appropriate and permanent manner.

Section 6.  Procurement and installation.

The procurement and installation of an approved memorial or marker shall in each case be carried out by, or under the supervision of, a University agent designated by the Chancellor.

Section 7.  Effective date.

These standards and procedures shall take effect upon their adoption.


Adopted:    June 8, 2006