Be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

The standards and procedures for authorizing, procuring, and installing memorial tablets in Memorial Hall shall be as follows:

Section 1.  Eligibility.

To be eligible to be memorialized by a tablet, the subject:

a. Shall have made a substantial and sustained contribution to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

b. Shall have been dead not less than one year at the time the decision as to whether to authorize the tablet is made by the Board of Trustees.

Section 2.  Review.

The review of the names of persons proposed to be memorialized by a tablet shall proceed as follows:

a. Anyone may propose the name of a person (“subject”) for memorialization by a tablet.

b. The name of each subject proposed shall first be submitted to the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Naming University Facilities and Units (hereinafter referred to as “the Naming Committee”) for its advice to the Chancellor the name of each subject it finds worthy of further consideration.

c. The Naming Committee, after consulting appropriate authorities, shall advise the Chancellor whether it deems the subject to be worthy of commemoration by a tablet, and if so, it shall provide a suggested text for the tablet.

d. The Chancellor, after receiving the advice of the Naming Committee, shall recommend to the Board of Trustees each subject he deems worthy of commemoration by a tablet.

e. The Board of Trustees shall finally approve or disapprove the proposed memorialization of each subject by a tablet in Memorial Hall.

Section 3.  Procurement and installation.

The Department of Physical Plant shall be responsible for the procurement and installation of tablets in Memorial Hall.

Section 4.  Style.

Each tablet shall be consistent in style with those now in Memorial Hall.

Section 5.  Financing.

While it is appropriate for the proposer of a memorial tablet to pay its cost, that is not required, and the cost may instead be paid out of funds available to the Chancellor.

Section 6.  Effective date.

This policy shall take effect upon its approval by the Chancellor.


Adopted:  June 8, 2006