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Issuing Office
Department of Finance & Administration

Responsible University Officer
Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Safety and Risk Management



The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (University) respects the First Amendment rights of students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors, including the right to peacefully protest.  These rights must be balanced with the University’s need to maintain human safety, protect public property, and enable the University’s customary operations to be performed.  The University exercises its right to establish and enforce reasonable restrictions on the time, place, and manner of protests, demonstrations, and other expressive activities in its facilities.

With respect to University buildings open to the public, during a building’s normal University business hours, the following rules shall be in effect for activities that have not been approved and are outside the customary University operations for the building:

  1. Activity in the occupied area must not interrupt the customary University operations conducted in the building. No amplified sound may be used inside the building.
  2. Offices and administrative areas may not be occupied at any time.
  3. No signs, posters, boards, paper, or other forms of communication may be posted on any surface on the inside or outside of the building.
  4. Public property must not be damaged or defaced.
  5. Food may not be heated by any instrument at any time due to risk of fire or burns.
  6. No blankets, pillows, cushions, other sleeping materials, or kitty litter may be brought into or stored in the building.
  7. No firearms, weapons or other materials posing a safety hazard as determined by UNC Public Safety are permitted in buildings.
  8. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted in buildings.
  9. Should the number of persons in the occupied area exceed the posted fire safety capacity, occupants will be asked to leave the premises until the number is in compliance with the fire code.
  10. Emergency egress and an accessible path of travel must not be obstructed.

Failure to comply with this policy may be grounds for removal from the premises and persons in violation of this policy may be subject to arrest.

All individuals are required to leave the building at the building’s normal closure time (other than customary building occupants working after hours).  If any individuals refuse to depart at such time upon the direction of a University official, they will be warned that they are trespassing and that they are subject to arrest.  They will be warned first by a University administrator and then by Campus Police.  Should they choose to continue to occupy the building, they will be removed from the premises by Campus Police and arrested.  For facilities open 24 hours a day, all individuals are required to leave the facility by no later than 4:00 a.m. (other than housekeepers or other employees working at such time).

This policy shall not be construed as a designation of any of the University’s interior spaces as public forums or limited public forums.

The University prohibits activities other than customary or pre-approved activities in facilities that are not open to the public or where sensitive University operations or hazardous activities are conducted.  Such facilities include, without limitation, University laboratories, health care facilities, and industrial environments.

Related Requirements

Activities conducted on exterior spaces on the University’s campus are governed by the University’s Facilities Use Policy.

Contact Information


Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Safety and Risk Management
Derek Kemp
ph: 919-962-3795


Director and Chief of Police
Jeff McCracken
ph: 919-966-5730

Chief of Staff, Office of the Chancellor
Debbie Dibbert
ph: 919-962-1365

Important Dates

  • Effective Date: October 4, 2016
  • Approving body: Chancellor’s cabinet