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This website contains official policies (and procedures, where applicable) applying to the University community.  Use the search bar at the top of the page or the menu to the right to locate specific policies.

This site includes University Policies and Administrative Policies at UNC-Chapel Hill.  The following definitions apply:

  • University Policies have broad application throughout the University and significant impact to the University if not followed.  They may be developed by a department or unit or by University administration in order to express basic values of the University, ensure coordinated compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promote operational efficiencies, enhance the University’s mission, and/or reduce institutional risk.
  • Administrative Policies have general applicability to members of the University community, and are developed by a department or unit in order to establish operational rules, promote operational efficiencies, or, in some cases, ensure compliance with applicable laws.

The above definitions come from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Policy Development, Approval and Publication (PDAP) policy.  The PDAP policy, effective April 9, 2013, provides guidance on the proper creation, implementation, and dissemination of University and Administrative policies.  A policy template is also available for use in the development of new policies or revision of existing ones.

Note that individual departments or units within the University may have additional Departmental Policies that apply only to the operation of that department, and which are not listed on this site.  If you are looking for a Departmental Policy, please consult the individual department’s website.  Links can be found at the University’s Departments page.


This site is maintained by the Office of University Counsel.